This development environment is allocated for ICT12 students. The domain name,, was suggested by the ICT12 class of 2002-03, purchased through "," an Australian domain name reseller and ISP and then put into service on Notre Dame web servers.

The present domain and its student sub-domains runs on a Windows Server 2003 computer using Microsoft's Internet Information Service (IIS) version 6. The sub-domains are set up to use MS FrontPage Extensions. Students using MS FrontPage are able to produce "live" web content.


April 26/27 2005: moved to Server 2003 platform from Windows 2000 platform
April 27: student sub-webs for ICT12 created
April 27: students tested sub-webs for authentication (logon) and file creation
December 2 2005: added Python sub-section for student downloads and background information 
December 10 2005: began a web page/site creation resources section 
December 14 2005: began development of a Java resources section
January 22 2006: began development of a C++ resources section
January 26 2006: began development of a Visual Studio resources section
July 10 2006: began listing of various free utility and productivity applications suitable for students
October 1 2006: added an "antique" section of Pascal/Turbo Pascal resources
December 12 2006: began development of a Microsoft Robotics Studio resources page
November 11 2007: began a section devoted to Phrogram and KPL
October 20 2008: added student blogs list for 2008-09

Student sub-webs and blogs

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Michael Caparas
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