Christian Education 12—Theology and Exegesis


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à Notice to CE 12 Students: the notes below are meant for you to be able to catch up at home.  They are not meant to be downloaded and printed on school printers.  This clogs up the school network printers.  Your printing habits are being monitored, and if you continue abusing school printers for this purpose, these notes will be removed, and you will be obliged to copy them from the overhead as usual. 


1) News and assignments


2) A Briefer Catechism (what every Catholic should know)

à This is a section in which we will review the basic essentials to the Catholic faith.  This will be an ongoing element of the CE 12 curriculum.

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3) Notes: All the notes below contain the material that was covered in the lecture.  All links are Word documents, copyright 2005.


Unit One: God

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Unit Two: Jesus

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You will need your bibles throughout this unit, which is the longest of the three.  If you still can’t find your bibles, and you haven’t bothered to get a used one from the Library, at the very least print the Gospel of John from home.  Click on to get it.



Unit Three: Us

For the stuff from Unit Three, click here.

Understand the 3 forms of love: eros, philia, and agape.




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