Dharmasetia’s Social Studies 11


Updated June 19/07


Notice to SS 11 Students: any notes below are meant for you to be able to catch up at home.  They are not meant to be downloaded and printed on school printers.  This clogs up the school network printers.  Your printing habits are being monitored, and if you continue abusing school printers for this purpose, these notes will be removed, and you will be obliged to copy them from the overhead as usual.


1) News and Notes

  • You next test be on Wednesday, May 9.  It will cover Chapters 5 and 6 in your notebooks.  Focus on the vocabulary and the material from your 4 SSIs.  You will not be expected to know the material from pp. 161 to the end of Chapter 6.


2) Assignments

  • SSI # 1 & 2 due Thursday, Apr. 19.

SSI #1: How did Canada change socially in the 1950s and 60s?

SSI #2: Describe Canadian-American relations in the 1950s and 60s.

  • New assignment in multi-paragraph form: “What was Pierre Trudeau’s affect on Canada in the 1970s.”  Due Apr. 23rd except for those who had to do it in class.
  • SSI #3 & 4 due Thursday, May 3rd.

SSI #3: How did the Cold War end?

SSI #4: Explain the immigration issues in Canada in the 1980s.


3) Notes (copyright 2006)

These are designed to help you through the workbook, which can be overwhelming.


Unit Two: World War One_ I. Causes of the First World War & II. Canada Joins the War (text pp. 41-47)


Unit Two: World War One_ III. War in Europe_A. to C. (text pp. 48-51)


Unit Two: World War One_ III. War in Europe_D. to F. (text pp. 51-55)—Land, Sea, and Air


Unit Two: World War One_ III. War in Europe_G.  (text p. 56)—End of the War


Unit Two: World War One_IV. War on the Home Front_A. to D. (text pp. 56-57)—Halifax and Enemy Aliens


Unit Two: World War One_IV. War on the Home Front_E. to G (text pp. 57-59)—Conscription and Suffragettes


Below is an outline of your Human Geography unit.  Things to know include the following:

            a. Demography: population vs. standards of living

                        - Population Growth Rates and all the factors involved

                        - Demographic Transitional Model

                        - Population Pyramids

                        - Exponential Population Growth and the problems involved


            b. Environmental Challenges: maintaining high standards of living vs. impact on the environment

                        - Global Warming and the Kyoto Protocol

                        - Ozone Layer Depletion

                        - Acid Rain

                        - Renewable Resources

                        - Freshwater Supply

                        - Mineral Extraction, Agriculture, and Deforestration

                        - Government Responses               


 Below is the focus on your Québec and Aboriginal Issues unit.

                        - Québec’s desire (?) to separate: why and how Canada responds

                        - Canada and the Natives: tried to assimilate, then placate, then negotiate


4) PowerPoint presentations

  • Paris Peace Conferences: click here
  • Effects of World War I: click here
  • Interwar Years_part 1: click here
  • Interwar Years_part 2: click here
  • Review on Human Geography and French/Aboriginal Issues is available here.