Social Studies 9—Revolution and Clash of Cultures


Updated May 26/08


1) News and assignments


2) Notes (copyright, 2006)

à Notice to Socials 9 students: these notes are meant to be read or downloaded at home.  Under no circumstances are you to download and use the school’s printers.  Your printing habits are monitored, and abuse of the school’s printers will result in the removal of these notes.


Unit I: Geography &

Unit II: English Revolution


 Notes for Units 1 & 2 are available here.


Unit III: French Revolution


 Notes for Unit 3 are available here.


Unit IV: Napoleon


  Notes for Unit 4 are available here.



Unit V. Natives of North America

Portrait of Jean-Baptiste Hertel de Rouville Notes for Unit 5 are still available here.


Unit VI. The French in North America

 Notes for Unit 6 are still available here.


3) Other stuff

- How to do a Text Deconstruction (Word document)

- Marking rubric (5 mark scale)

- Click here to see some pictures for practice Text Deconstructions.