You’ve been working on researching a Renaissance person.  Now you have enough information to pretend to be that person. 


At home go to the following link and check out the information there:




You will create a similar “Fakebook” page.


From the link above, click on the “new” icon located at the right.


Follow the prompts: 


You represent Notre Dame on this server so no foul or offensive language/images.


Click save when you are done working on your page for the day.  You will be prompted to create a password. 


Keep your password to yourself!  Once your password gets out anyone can access your project and mess around with it.


Once you’ve entered a password, you will be assigned a website.  Copy this website and email it to yourself and your Humanities teacher (include the password for your teacher). 







When you want to work on your Fakebook page again, go on the internet and enter your website address.  Click on “Edit” when your page appears, enter your password and work on your project.  Remember to click on “save” it when you are done!