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Secondary School Apprenticeship

Secondary School Apprenticeship is a program that provides students in Grades 12 the opportunity to start an apprenticeship while completing secondary school and get a head start on accumulating workp= lace training hours while they are in high school. 

A secondary school apprentice will:

·      =             &nb= sp;  Learn skills that may not be offered through secondary school elective courses.

·      =             &nb= sp;  Earn up to 16 graduation credits (SSA 11A, 11B, 12A, and 12B).

·      =             &nb= sp;  Accumulate up to 480 hours work-based training toward first-year apprenticeship.

·      =             &nb= sp;  Receive a Secondary School Apprenticeship certificate upon graduation <= o:p>

·      =             &nb= sp;  Qualify to apply for a $1000 cash scholarship

How do I apply? / Who do I contact?

Contact Mr. Pepe: 604.255= .5454 ext 2430 or bpepe@ndrs.org for an application or any questions regarding this course.

Check out the Industry Training Authority website (www.itabc.ca) - More than 150 trades and industry choices!=



FederalCareers in Construction (www.careersinconstructio= n.ca)

  • Made with the Trades (www.madewiththetrades.com)
  • Skills Canada (www.skillscanada.com)
  • The Ellis Chart  (= www.ellischart.ca)
  • Transferable Trade = Skills (www.transferableskills.= ca)
  • Youth Outlooks (www.youth.gc.= ca)
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