Phrogram is the now commercial release of the Kids Programming Language (KPL). KPL ceased further development as a free product at version 1.1. The commercial product, Phrogram, is presently (as of November 2007) at version 2.2. It may be downloaded in thirty day trial format from the company site

Phrogram and KPL have been widely applauded for the way in which they quickly introduce students to programming in a graphical environment with a minimum of management overhead.

Here is a typical Hello, World code block as created in Phrogram,

Program HelloWorld


    Method Main()


    End Method


End Program

and here is a code block that introduces "sprites" 

Program UFO


    Method Main()

        Define MySprite As Sprite

        MySprite.Load( "ufo.gif" )

        MySprite.MoveTo( 200, 200 )


    End Method


End Program

Below is a screen capture of the UFO program showing the UFP sprite at location (200,200).

System Requirements to run Phrogram:


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